InterSite Logistics (ISL), along with the Infor ERP XA MRP and MPSP planning applications, addresses your supply chain management needs by integrating both the planning and execution of intersite demand and supply across sites and systems. Users can now plan demand for each distribution and production site with the Infor ERP XA planning applications.

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)is a reality. Why? With InterSite Logistics, you can identify items in each site that are supplied from other sites. The time-phased planned demand for those items can be sent to the supplying site and then used in its production planning process.

ISL also provides for creating, updating, shipping and receiving of intersite orders, tracking and maintaining visibility of the order at both sites, including while in transit between sites, and allowing each site the appropriate control over the intersite order during its life cycle. ISL provides all these capabilities for a single Infor XA ERP environment or database, regardless of how many sites are involved.

InterSite Logistics

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