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Agility, Inc.
7000 Fitzwater Road
Suite 220
Brecksville, OH, 44141
(440) 546-9290
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“''Over the course of time our relationship has grown such that Agility knows our business, they understand our objectives, and when they walk in the door to help us with a problem, they know the context already, and that’s important.  Specifically the folks that they bring to the table to help us with these problems are not only knowledgeable about our business but have a fairly significant background in the types of things that we are doing and can bring that background in a sort of generic fashion to our problems causes us to stop and evaluate the way we do things, and two minds are better than one so some of the things that they bring to the table allow us to perhaps expand our own thinking…”''

“''I have found that the folks at Agility do have a manufacturing knowledgebase that we can tap into. They have worked with many other companies in different types of industries, and that variety of knowledge of different types of manufacturers has been beneficial to us.”''

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“''Our relationship with Agility has helped us implement modules, and even enhance some modules, so that they are more effective where they need to be on the shop floor.”''

“''Agility has several key people within their organization that understand business practices quite efficiently. They also understand the MAPICS product having worked with it for a number of years and they also have very tight communication with the MAPICS development lab and for that reason they understand the product and they can then take that product, marry it with the business practices, and deliver a solution that can meet your business needs.”''
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7000 Fitzwater Road | Suite 220 | Brecksville, OH 44141 | Phone: (440) 546-9290